Instructional Ball (Ages 7 - 8)

Instructional Ball has a coach pitch to batters.  Standard baseball rules apply to most of the game - 3 outs an inning, strikeouts,  and fielders must make plays.  

Meet our Instructional Teams below


BJAA Team 1


Giovanni Parente
Logan Milligan
Blair Adkins
Joey Donovan
Markus Conroy
Tyler Rosenwald

Andrew Studeny

Vinny Jordan
Sebastian Medilo

Abby Bruno

BJAA Team 2

Roman Spagnolo
Evan Leombruno
Giovanni Studeny
Santino Studeny

Ayden Tavella
Aaron Barricella
Korbin Padilla-Lucas
Nathan Mikco

Jacob Fudor

Joshua Baker

Ryszard Ziobron

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