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T-Ball (Ages 4 - 5)

The goal of BJAA T-Ball is to provide a foundation and introduction to baseball that is grounded in fun, fitness and fundamentals.  Players will begin to learn the basic rules of baseball and start learning about where to run and where to throw.  Players will hit from the T and may progress to a coach pitch if possible.

BJAA Team 1

Coach - Chris Hajdukiewicz

Contact Steve @ 412-992-0686


Jaxson Hajdukiewicz

Gnarly Alcala
Kynd Alcala
Jesse Baumann
Janessa Baumgartner
Joey Kroll
Jaedon Kessler
Miles Capo

Tehya Hamilten

Mia Belajac

Carson Montesano

Monroe Waraks

BJAA Team 2

Coach - Allan Stewart

Contact Allan @ 412-216-5185


Jasmine Kirsch

Jordan Leven

Teagan Mclaughlin

Troy Mehlhoff

Shane O'Neill

Silas Padilla-Lucas

Blake Schaffer

Austin Stewart

Nicholas Vitale