Q:  When is the Spring Season?

A:  The Spring Season is from April 1 to June 30.  

Q:  When is the Fall Season?

A:  The Fall Season typically runs  from September 1 to October 31.  

Q:  What days/times are practices/games?

A:  Practice/game schedules are set by the coaches.  Spring practices may begin on April 1st.  The coaches will try to accommodate any conflicting scheduling issues (i.e. move a kid to another team, offer more practice days) .  Practices are after 5pm on weekdays and after 9am on weekends. 

Q:  When are teams selected?

A:  Teams are picked by mid-March.  Your coach should contact you prior to the start of the season on April 1st.

Q:  What do I do if I have special requests for my child?

A:  Please detail the requests on the registration form or contact us.

Q:  I would like to help out.  What should I do?

A:  You can indicate how you would like to help on the registration form or contact us.

Q:  What equipment do I need?

A:  A player should have baseball cleats, a glove, and a cup if playing catcher.  The team will have available helmets, bats, and catcher's equipment.  Players are allowed to bring their own equipment also.  Glove buying guide and bat sizing guide pages.  BJAA will also be following the new USA approved bat guidelines from the 2018 tournament season going forward.


Q:  I am working the concession stand.  What do I need to know?

A:  This document outlines everything for the concession stand.

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